Friday, January 20, 2017


Howdy folks,

just thought I'd post a 'lil update now that I'm back in school.

hmm let's see.

I came back to the good ole St. Louis last Friday, 4 days before school started. And it was the best decision. I got to hang out with a couple people that I hadn't really been around a ton and it was so fun.

Crystal, who is on the track team, got here the Saturday before I got back and she was so sweet. The first thing I did after I brought my bags into my room I went to Crystal's room and she was so excited to see me. She made me rice and it was great.

Random things we (me and various people that live on 5 & 6 (I live on 8)) did: made cookies, played HOURS of cards (mostly Scum/President and BS), watched football (both the Packers and the Chiefs game SO MUCH FOOTBALL), got donuts at a hole in the wall place, went to Dunkin, got groceries, chilled out, played video games. tons of fun stuff.

Funny story, my friend Nick loves Super Smash Bros and plays all the time. I play with him a lot even though I'm not good at all hahah but I'm getting better I swear. ANYWAY, not even 5 minutes after he got back to Marg, he was playing Smash. lol it was so funny, and totally typical.

this is nick. he's great

Nick has also gotten me hooked on the DUMBEST tv show on the planet. It's called Rick and Morty and it's a cartoon that is absolutely ridiculous but is SO FREAKING FUNNY. We and a couple other guys have been watching this show all week and we've watched so many episodes.

Fast forward to Tuesday, school.

HAHA Monday night at about 1AM I finally got around to checking my schedule to see what classes I had on Tuesday. #college

School is school. Idk. I have pretty good teachers actually, I lucked out.

Spanish is gonna kick my butt. It's hard. I mean I am in 3010, which is a pretty advanced level, but I tested into it and it was my decision to start at that level. SO I'm up for the challenge.

Today in Spanish, it was pretty much a history lesson, IN SPANISH. Ugh I was kinda lost but I survived.

ALSO, I'm so excited for my Urban Crisis class. It's already pretty cool, so I can't wait to see how the rest of the semester turns out.

I have 5 classes on Fridays, it's the worst. And I'm going to be late to my Health Sciences class every week, so that's cool. Also I don't get to eat lunch until like 2:30. Yay me :)

Well. That's a general catchup on everything I can think of.

OH! For dance, we are doing a partner dance and we had to find a boy to be our partner. I asked my friend Sam (I've posted a pic with him before I'm pretty sure) and he said yes and is sooo excited. I'm glad he wants to do it bc I wasn't sure who else to ask had he said no. Also he's Columbian, and a good dancer ;)


Monday, January 9, 2017


First of all. Just to clear it up. No one from New Orleans actually says N'Awlins. Just in case you were a little confused.

Second of all. Theres a couple other ways to say it (I Googled it just to be sure):

  • New OAR-linz (how I learned it)
  • New OR-lee-uhns
  • New or-LEENZ

Third of all. 5 weeks is too long.

I am so incredibly ready to go back to school. To see all my friends. To have the independence again.

Being said, over New Years, I got to go to New Orleans, Louisiana!

The whole reason for the trip was to go to the Sugar Bowl (college football, Auburn vs Oklahoma) but we got to spend a couple extra days exploring the city as well.

Day 1: New Years Eve

My morning started at 4:30 AM. My mom booked us a 7:20 AM flight out of KC. Joy :)
We live fairly close to the airport so that helped but still, it was an early morning.

Silver lining of this incredibly early flight was that I got to see the sunrise at 30,000+ feet. It was beautiful.

Our flight crew was also hilarious. The main flight attendant guy kept telling jokes anytime he had to speak over the sound system. I appreciated his humor that early in the morning.

Side note: I love Ben Rector. Like so much. And it just so happens that one of my favorite songs by him is 30,000 feet, a song about him on an airplane. So when that song came on I couldn't resist this picture + the caption.
We got to New Orleans and checked into the hotel. It was a cute little place that was kinda dated but not too old.

We got lunch at some little place that made cajun food. PSA: red beans and rice is different down there than it is here. Or at least from my mind. The bean to rice ratio was probably 10:1 or at least it seemed like it. I like rice and beans only if there's a ton of rice. so that was kind of a bust.

We watched a parade which was a part of Fan Fest for the Sugar Bowl. It was pretty cool and a bunch  of the floats were throwing out beads and different trinkets.

Then we walked around the French Quarter. We wound up on Bourbon street. Basically it's a place full of bars and other endeavors for adults... At 19 years old, I am too young to do pretty much anything there. I don't drink or anything but there were several places (even restaurants) that wouldn't even let people under 21 come in. We went to Pat O'Brien's. This cup had water in it. lol. I pretty much drank water the entire trip because I didn't want to be a bother to anyone. Plus I don't like soda.

For dinner we went to this suuuuper fancy place. It was so expensive! We got all dressed up and walked to the restaurant which was only a couple blocks away. The problem was that it started POURING on our way to the restaurant and had no umbrellas. SO my hair which had been curly was no longer and that was sad. :(
Momma and I

We got a 4 course meal. Soup, appetizer, main food, and dessert. Plus there was bread, and the chef brought us an extra little Hors D'Oeuvres thing because one of the people we were with was friends with the owner or something? I'm not sure

Sneakily taking pictures of my food because why not? 

After dinner we walked to the main area for Fan Fest. They had various performers all afternoon and up until midnight.

When we got there Panic at the Disco was performing and then Jason Derulo was after them! So I got to see 2 free performers back to back. It was pretty cool. I'm not a big fan of Jason's songs, they just got way over played, and I don't think they're all that great anyway, HOWEVER, he is a great performer.  side note: it rained almost the entire time for these performances as well. This super nice couple let me share their massive umbrella. It was sweet.

The show was broadcasted on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Ya know the ones they have at various places in the country that are broadcast all over TV. Yep. I was there.

At midnight they had fireworks and it had stopped raining by then so that was cool.

Day 2: New Year's Day

For lunch we went to this cute little restaurant. I got a meatball sandwich which was good, but definitely not the best thing I've ever had. Decent food though.

I think we just walked around again for most of the day and then went back to the hotel to watch football because it had been raining again.

I got a poncho and finally matched everyone. Everyone wore Oklahoma gear the entire time we were there, but I only had one shirt (that I got like 2 days before we left). So I didn't fit in or match AT ALL. Like everyone was wearing red Oklahoma stuff and I had on a blue shirt. oops.
We ordered pizza for dinner and went and got ice-cream afterwards.

Day 3: Game Day

The game didn't start until like 8 o'clock or something so we had all day to kill.

For brunch we went and got beignets from Cafe du monde. This place is famous for them and rightfully so. They were delicious.
We walked around the market and the French Quarter. And of course Bourbon street.

This is the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis King of France. It's so pretty! Like seriously gorgeous. I just looked it up to find the name and it says that this is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the US! That's so cool!
Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the game and eat food.

I love this shirt. It's a guys shirt haha but it's so comfy and just a little big so it's nice!
We decided it was best to just walk to the Superdome since it was going to take us the same amount of time in a taxi. Definitely a smart choice to walk. Traffic was crazy. We got there and found our seats and everything. This place is massive. and super pretty.
My first college football game was a success. Oklahoma, the team I had been forced to cheer for, won by quite a bit. I honestly didn't care who won, but cheered for Oklahoma because everyone else would have been upset if they had lost. Biggest bandwagon fan in the stadium and proud of it.

Haha the dog filter is my fav.
Peep my socks. GO BILLIKENS. I think I wore some sort of SLU gear the entire time I was there.
Final score 19-35
*McKenzie: Your Bitmoji actually looks like you now because of the hair!*

On our walk back to the hotel, the police had blocked off all of the streets so we walked down the middle of the road. haha. I ended up talking on Houseparty (an app like FaceTime) to my friends Zack (who lives in New Orleans), Joey, and Courtney (for a little bit). It was nice getting to talk to them and catch up.

I talked to them the whole way back and my phone died when I got back to the hotel. And then once my phone charged a little bit, I joined back and talked to Zack and Joey for a while longer.

Day 4: Road trip

We woke up at around 7 and loaded up the truck. We pulled away from the hotel at about 8:15. The drive from New Orleans to Kansas City takes about 13 hours, just in case you were curious. It was every bit of terrible. Because of the way the roads go, we drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri. Yep, 5 states in one day.

I pretty much read the whole way until it got too dark to see my book. After that I watched a movie I had downloaded off Netflix. I watched Good Will Hunting. Great movie, I would definitely recommend to everyone. I loved it and got so attached to the movie. Plus it has Robin Williams and baby Matt Damon, win win for everyone.

We finally got home around 9 maybe 9:30ish. honestly I don't remember. We had to stop so many times to get gas and eat and such.

Overall the trip was okay. There were fun things we did but it wasn't fantastic. I don't want to seem ungrateful though, so I was very glad I got to go, it just wasn't my favorite trip I've ever been on.

BTDubs NOLA is pronounced NO-luh NOT Nah-luh
Just to clear up any other confusion about pronunciation :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

10 inches fam

so. I did something a little crazy.

I cut 10 inches off of my hair!

Actually I let 5 of my friends cut 10 inches off. haha

The 4 of us cut our hair back to back, it was so fun seeing everyone do it! Plus I got to cut a strand of Mady's!

Kappa Delta had a fundraiser, Kuts 4 Confidence and all the hair goes to Pantene beautiful lengths.

Side note: While donating hair is a wonderful thing that you should definitely do if you are considering it, please DON'T donate to Locks of Love. Most of the hair donated gets thrown away or sold for profit. There are plenty of other fantastic organizations that make wigs to give to both kids and adults in need of hair. 

I measured the length of my hair now from the roots and it's 12 in. I CUT OFF HALF OF MY HAIR.

It's so weird.

I'm compiling a list of everything that is different now that I have short hair.

  • When you put on a coat, you don't have to pull your hair out from the back of the jacket**
  • You don't have to pull your hair out from under a backpack strap
  • You get to use less shampoo in the shower
  • Brushing your hair takes less time
    • actually I don't really brush my hair because it just gets static-y and annoying
  • Your head isn't weighed down as much
  • You don't have to hold your hair to the side when you spit out toothpaste after you brush your teeth**
  • Your hair falls out when you put it in a ponytail
  • Short hair just isn't the same as long hair
  • Styling is way different with short hair
    • There's not as many things you can do :(

**things that I went to go to but it didn't work because there was no hair there. lol

It's soooo hard for me to get used to it! But I'm getting there! Sometimes I still glance at my reflection and get surprised. lol. Maybe eventually that won't happen :)

PICTURE OVERLOAD, as usual haha

Daria cut the first piece, she cut is suuuuper short and is the reason why I had to cut it even more after I donated it. but it's okay :)

Caroline: "I promise I'll cut it good. I'm a pro"
She worked as a receptionist for a hair salon. haha. But in all actuality, I trusted her 100%

John. Oh my gosh he was hilarious. As soon as he found out I had decided on cutting my hair, he was like "Can I cut your hair?" and asked me a billion times. He was so concentrated the whole time. Hilarious.

                Elise is a sweetheart. She also cut her hair :)

 John and Caroline :)

Caroline and her roommate Brenna convinced me to donate my hair. Caroline has donated hers 3 times now.

It was super fun and the environment was really cool. With so many people cutting their hair, it was just so inspiring. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Micah Thanksgiving

Hey y'all.

The Friday before we went on break Micah had a Thanksgiving. Everyone brings food that they made (actual food friends, it's the best) and tons of Micah's come, freshies, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

It was really really fun and Olivia and I made this mashed potato dish that her mom makes and everyone liked it. We ended up going to her Lutheran Ministry house to cook food because there are only a few "kitchens" in Marg (our dorm) and everyone was fighting over them. *the kitchens have a fridge, oven, and hot plates lol.

We all dressed up and everyone looked so cute. We took about a billion pictures, many I haven't even seen yet, but that's okay.

Margaret is a sweetheart and I love her dearly
Mike freaking Winters. He's great and a sophomore and going abroad next semester and I'm going to miss him.

Julia ft. Ryan doing a photoshoot in the background

"Now that you've learned my name, we can take a picture"
Long story short, Jason couldn't remember my name for the life of him, like for months. He's just really bad at names but he had been trying so hard to remember it and finally got it down, like every time he sees me now, he remembers my name. So I told him that we could take a picture now that he knows who I am. haha. He's also going abroad next semester.

Andy is a great guy. End of story.
It's so sad because next semester soooo many of the sophomores are studying abroad and aren't going to be here. I seriously am going to miss them all so much.

All night everyone was trying to photobomb everyone's pictures. It was really funny. I can't find the big group one but it had started with me and Shalini taking a picture and like 30 people joined us.

Much love and thanks for Micah

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

*Pretend this was posted 2 weeks ago*

WOW I'm so bad at writing posts and then never posting them. This was from 2 weekends ago (11/11) But I'm going to post it anyway, just so ya know.

Hey fam,

How's it going?

Here's a little catch up on my life.

Today's been a pretty good day.

My chem quiz was easy, I got a bunch of free stuff from the bookstore!

They had these games and if you won you got to pick a slip of paper from the basket and some had prizes on them. There was no limit to how many prizes you got so we kept getting in line and winning more stuff. haha.
I got any hat of my choice, a pair of sweatpants, 2 candy bars, and then we got a whole box of pizza!

We finished watching a movie in theology which was nice but the movie ended soooo freaking sad so that was a bummer, but it's okay.


Really but really. tear.

The co-ed Micah's have their retreat this weekend and basically all my friends are in co-ed so that sucks. I hang out with them more than my own floor. oops #sorrynotsorry I'm not really sure what I'm going to do this weekend without all of them.

My peer mentor "dragged" me to this hunger simulation thing. It was actually super interesting. When we got there everyone was separated into different social-economic classes, so high income, middle income and low income. We were both put in the low income group. The whole thing basically represented the amount of food people typically get and how they are treated. So as a low income member, we sat on the floor and got a small portion of rice for our dinner. The middle income peeps got to sit in chairs and got rice and beans and then the high class got served pasta, salad, and dessert at tables. There were a couple scenarios that had people switch classes if certain circumstances arose, just like in real life. It was really eye opening and made me think about all the food that we waste that could be going to people in need.


After we got back from that we went to a "Pinterest party" hosted by an organization at school. Basically we painted canvases for 2 hours. It was really fun and I am proud of my canvases. I really liked seeing what everyone else was painting because they were all so creative and cute!

I haven't finished one of mine because I'm still trying to decide what to write on it. I think I want to put song lyrics but I'm not sure which ones. I'm going to try and work on it later so I can hang them up.

Speaking of... I decorated my room. *Finally* and it looks so cute! I love it. I pretty much just hung up a ton of pictures I got from shutterfly but I like how it turned out.

I did this super cool super nerdy thing. haha.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Dana dragged me to an FSAE meeting. They build race cars from scratch. Just look it up, it's way easier than listening to me try and explain. The whole team is boys except like 2 girls I saw at a meeting once. haha

Anyway, it was really fun and I liked going so we've been a couple times. We went for like 4 hours and we were sanding the body of the car and making it smooth enough for paint to go on it.

It kinda felt like they gave us a job we couldn't screw up bc we're girls and have only been a few times BUT turns out it was actually a difficultish job than none of them wanted to do. We got to use power tools so it's legit. :) and now we're going to get to do this project all the way to the end and this one guy is going to teach us how to do body paint like how they paint cars, which I'm super excited about!

wow this post is a lot of writing. sorry folks. I'll try and keep updated.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I'm back

Hello folks,
It's me. Haley.
I am alive and doing well. for the most part.

I kind of disappeared for a while, sorry. College is busy. But I love it.

I also realized I haven't posted since before I started school. Sorry about that.

College is so much fun, super stressful, and flies by. It's already been 2 months and I feel like we just got here.

Let's catch up.

I am at Saint Louis University in the wonderful city of St. Louis. And I'm loving every second. Except pretty much all last week. Where I had the worst week of my entire life.
There's nothing like getting your heart broken the week of midterms.

But really.

I was so stressed and every bit a hot mess the whole time. But it's okay, I think I'm better now.

A few things:

I love Micah. I'm in this learning community and it's called Micah. Most LC's here are focused around your major but Micah is a faith and service community. Every week we volunteer at the same place and we also do tons of other stuff together. But the point being, I basically came into college with 60 freshman friends and a billion upperclassmen friends. From day 1 everyone acted like we had known each other for forever and have been so welcoming and friendly. I love it so much.

The Micah clan 

My first birthday away from home. Ft. my fav spot on campus, this beautiful clock tower. I seriously have tons of pictures of this thing. It's so pretty especially when the sun is setting behind it.

We went to Eckert's apple orchard and picked apples. They were SOOO good!

Some of us in Micah formed an intramural soccer team! This game we played in the rain and there was a rainbow! We also got 3rd in the championship tournament!

I got a henna tattoo. It was super cool. (this was before the paint stuff came off, I couldn't find a pic of the actual tattoo) It just came off the other day. tear.

We went to a multicultural formal. Lol so awkward. But we looked hot. So that's all that matters. And Sam is really fun to salsa dance with. 

Note: I have heels on (I know shocker) but Erick isn't actually this short

Allison is great. 

I'm going to try and post more. I promise. But it's really hard. 

Also. Go look up Well I Say and The Lime Tree both by Trevor Hall. Sam introduced me to these songs and they're amazing. your life will change.